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djokovic and roger federer in this final set at 1-2, 30-30 with that point from federer, the sold-out 30,000-plus at arthur ashe stadium court. with the winner to meet rafael nadal in the men ice finals tomorrow. mary: nadal still hasn't dropped a set. how much fresher is he going to be? dick: four aces for djokovic, three double faults, but he's served better than the four aces might indicate. a point to even this final set at 2-2. dick: 2-2 in the final set. earlier today rafael nadal, who has never made it to the u.s. open final. here's match point against mikhail youzhny and the expression tells a story. he has a chance to complete a career grand slam. he's in the finals tomorrow and how do you pick either one of his potential o-- osnonets will it be djokovic? lit be the five-time winner federer. john: one thing you know for sure, he's loving every minute of this as they battle it out, take it out of each other. they'll have less left in the tank, either one of them, to play nadal. dick: six minutes shy of a three-hour match. john: late call out there. you see these two young ladies,
on super saturday and novak djokovic and roger federer in this final set at 1-2, 30-30 with that point from federer, the sold-out 30,000-plus at arthur ashe stadium court. with the winner to meet rafael nadal in the men ice finals tomorrow. mary: nadal still hasn't dropped a set. how much fresher is he going to be? dick: four aces for djokovic, three double faults, but he's served better than the four aces might indicate. a point to even this final set at 2-2. dick: 2-2 in the final set. earlier today rafael nadal, who has never made it to the u.s. open final. here's match point against mikhail youzhny and the expression tells a story. he has a chance to complete a career grand slam. he's in the finals tomorrow and how do you pick either one of his potential o-- osnonets will it be djokovic? lit be the five-time winner federer. john: one thing you know for sure, he's loving every minute of this as they battle it out, take it out of each other. they'll have less left in the tank, either one of them, to play nadal. dick: six minutes shy of a three-hour match. john: late call out there. you se
'm surprised that roger continues to stay so far back on that second serve. he lets djokovic take charge of too many points. he's covering a lot of ground out there. he's got to be feeling it too, federer. mary: he's also got to be remembering that a couple of times in year he had match points and lost the match, to berdych, on a hard court in miami and on a hard court in indian wells to another player. mary: oh. djokovic has beaten federer four times on hard court. never here at the open. dick: -- john: federer has this point won. did a good job making djokovic hit a pretty tough volley and right there he hit the line. he said please hit it there. he hit it back to djokovic. >> yeah! >> out. dick: just wide. break point, federer. >> fault. john: his willingness to go to roger's forehand has been big for djokovic. to get himself in this position, two points from the position, two points from the u.s. open final. for the most part he's handled that slice backhand pretty well. he choked on that 30-30 point. he's probably going to see it he's probably going to see it again. dick: novak djokovic, m
obama in albuquerque today. i'm joined by howard fineman, and politico columnist roger simon. i want to keep up with you, rog. keep up with you, hour. let's look at these polling data here. this is what we call a generic poll, guys, which is how people will vote partywise. here it is. party prison, republicans lead only three points. they were up nine points as recently as august. it's down. these are likely voters, by the way. this is a very good poll for democrats. 37%, people are positive towards democrats right now, and that's higher than the support for either republicans or tea partiers. what do you make of that? i want to start with howard on that one. this sense of closure coming in, where democrats are getting much better off relative to where they were. >> i don't think it's a sense of closure, chris, i think it's a sense of opening up and more attention being paid for republican candidates. a month or two still lifetime in politics, and what happened is in places like pennsylvania, where i was yesterday, pat toomey, the republican nominee, very strong with the base and the
, and roger simon. i want to keep up with you, rog. let's look at the polls datas. this is what we call without -- how people will vote partywise. they were up nine points as recently as august. these are likely voters, by the way. this is a very good poll for democrats. and that's higher than the support for either republicans or tea partiering. what do you make of that? i want to start with howard on that one. this sense of closure, with democrats are getting much -- >> i don't think it's a sense of closure, chris, i think it's a sense of opening up and more attention being paid for republican candidates. a month or two still lifetime in politics, and what happened is in places like pennsylvania, pat toomey, the republican nominee, very strong with the base and the republican party, but very conservative on figures cal matters. the question is whether that's pennsylvania or not. he's very conservative, but stressed cultural issues. too many yik is a club for growth, small government conservative, cut taxes, cut government, questioning social security, social programs and medicare and
rogers, jonathan hoenig, tracy byrnes, along with xarly gaspa -- charlie gasparino. pick up his new book "bought and paid for." also this week, democratic strategist tara dardell. welcome to all of you. jonathan, you may get your wish this time. you have been pitching a national sales tax for years. the fair tax. it looks like you may have it. >> we've been talking about a flat tax, fair tax as it's called on the show for years as you pointed out. now championed by the tea party movement, a dominant political force in the country. thank god it is! this would be a miraculous achievement for the country. it's fair. it treats each person individually. it doesn't have special breaks or treatment for this group or that group. easy to understand. my god, we spend literally billions of dollars every year just trying to figure out how to file your taxes. if charlie and i go to dinner, is it business dinner or personal? it's arbitrary. >> all business. >> exactly. all business. most importantly, it incentivizes production, not consumption. be in a resolution and would benefit the company. >> char
with his trial, along with the same time as roger clemens. are we really on the back side of it? next year, perhaps the same time. >> just like world war ii, we constantly talk about it but it is over. the steroids era is over with, but we have to do with the consequences. each year, players it would have normally got into the hall of fame will be rejected by baseball writers because of this. we have to deal with the trials. i think barry bonds will get off. i don't think the government's case is as strong as it is against roger clemens. both of these gentlemen, let's say, deserve to be in the hall of fame. barry bonds is the greatest player of the last few decades and arguably the greatest player who ever played the game, who will forever be dragging this ball and chain of steroids are around with him. roger clemens also deserves to be in the hall, but it may be possible we have somebody in the hall of fame and in jail at the same time. in that respect, it will be kept alive, in immediate conversation, i remember, george foster hit 50 home runs in 1997, then all the sudden you and i could
tomorrow. we have plenty of activities to check out this morning. we're at rogers farm. >> and if you're going to be traveling on falls road, we'll update you on closures and how to get around it and details man: let me see the map. just drive, we'll get there! adventure runs on dunkin', with our egg white breakfast sandwiches. hurry in and try one in delicious veggie or turkey sausage. >> a very good tuesday morning to you. hope you're doing well. this is the last day of summer as fall begins tomorrow. currently at 60 degrees downtown. we're live at rogers farm the north run corn maze here in greenspring valley and it feels 49 or 50 here. it's chilly this morning. i'm with brook rogers. you have this open every fall. it's friday, saturday and sunday and $8 for adults and $6 for kids. what can they experience this year? there's a new theme. >> we have the t rex and people can take a map. also for younger children, a play area, mini maze, a tire play land and corn tepee, huge pumpkin patch. >> you can pick your own? >> yes. you can cut them off the vine with help from our helper and an
keep hearing they should have drafted aaron rodgers, too late, rogers to gennings. 360 yards for rogers. look at hester. the acres, 17 penalties. the bears win 20-17. chicago 3-0, green bay 2-1. stanford football on fire. you see them at the number 9 position. this week they play oregon. they are the king of football this week in the bay area. >> good night everybody. promise me low prices. and stick to it. like seriously low prices. [ male announcer ] at safeway, we made a promise of low prices. and we're keeping it. [ female announcer ] with club card specials like beef cross rib roast, just $1.99 a pound and crystal geyser water only $3.99. i need to know that when i'm here, the low prices will be too. monday, tuesday, everyday. i'm a big fan of everyday. [ male announcer ] and with thousands of everyday low prices, you'll save all over the store. [ female announcer ] low prices you can count on. at safeway, that's our promise. that's ingredients for life.
'm talking about in just a minute. >>> doug, the at u.s. open, roger federer plays for a spot in the semifinals. the nationals done in by a pinch-hitter. and what is making mike shanahan so chippy? could it be albert haynesworth? news 4 at 11:00 continues. chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? you could switch for great gas mileage or seats that flip and fold with one hand. you could switch for up to 600 highway miles on a single tank of gas. or the hundred-thousand mile powertrain warranty. over a thousand people a day are switching to chevy. they're not just trading in, they're trading up. qualified lessees can get low mileage lease on this 2011 malibu ls for around one ninety-nine a month. call for details. the switch to chevy starts at chevydealer.com. >>> pilots in maryland are speaking out about being blinded by the laser lights po
ot of coverage and is knocked down. intended for austin. the ball is floating and carlos rogers is there to knock it down with 27 seconds left. >> cris: miles austin just going to the post. for carlos rogers this is a routine play. you need to make this catch. game over you make this one. nobody really messing with his hands. he just missed it. >> al: and with that the cowboys stay alive on second and ten. play clock at zero. as he gets it away. landry would have had a pick. a receiver blasting in front of him. and he can't make the pick. so it is third down and ten. >> cris: i think you have a rookie mistake coming. a blitz coming off this side. dez bryant didn't recognize it. didn't turn around. almost cost tony romo an interception. a good young player, but a young player. just about made a huge mistake there. >> al: very wide to the left. austin comes out of the slot. rolling to the right side and that is incomplete. it will be fourth down. as he called bryant's number. 19 seconds. hall with the coverage. >> cris: ball game right here. i think we are going to see a b
hail, testifien rogers all o-linemen placed on injured reserve. not to play at all this season. released today, troy smith the 2006 heisman trophy winner who played in 14 games over three seasons here. he was shocked to find out. antwon barnes traded to philadelphia for an undisclosed draft pack. secondary looking thin, though. these three cut. as for receivers, a trio gone. injury-plagued demetrius williams. and elan riley. albert mccapitol hillen number 47 attended ray lewis' high school on waiver as long with kicker shane graham who lost the battle with extra point man billy conditionedden. so add to the list. enough pros. >>> college football now. morgan state for a full house of 7500. tonight against bowie state off this interception. two field goals, a safety and a touchdown. the bears beat the bulldogs 14- 7. maryland hosting morgan state in college park next saturday. by the way, the buffalo bills released runningback chad simpson today. speaking of the terps, university of maryland college park named the new athletic director. kevin anderson after four years years at
. >> let's take a look at last night's activity from the u.s. open, roger federer in the far court. just an absolutely incredible shot coming up between the legs and a winner against his opponent bryan debule. let's take a another look at it. between the legs, not just between the legs but an absolute bullet. a winner needles to say, straight sets for roger federer. that's the sporting life at this hour. >> priceless, the other guys reaction. >> what are you going to do. >> that's our report for tonight. thanks for joining us. >> have a good evening. hey, you're not going to believe this. i made up a joke and sent it in to playboy. they printed it. here, check it out. it's the first one, too. right there. ( all chuckling ) that is funny. it was also funny when i made it up. what? i made that joke up. uh, oh, no, you didn't. i did. uh-uh-oh, yes, i did. i told it to dan at work and he said it was the funniest joke he'd ever heard. hey, tell dan "thanks." what? i'm sorry. i was just reading the joke below it. that one is funny. monica, you remember me telling you that joke, right? no. seri
, soderling took a trip to club fed and it was not pleasant. gwen stefoni is keeping roger's wife company. roger and first set and watch the drop shot, and the great one wayne gretzky in the house. how did he do that? the 16-time grand slam champ will play joe caw very much in the semifinals with a 6-4, 6-4, 7-5 victory. and it is the anniversary of the debut of star trek. i offer you, livelong and prosper. >> make sure you get the fingers right. >> they can be tricky. >> was davis being considered or not? singletary was not definitive there. >> stirring the pot. are you sure you didn't bring him in? >> i'm sure. >> he's positive. >> thanks, larry. >> well, live long and prosper. >> for larry beil and spencer christian, thanks for joining us. >> have a great evening. stay connected at abc7news.com. see you tomorrow. >> good night,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 b
wins 27-14. well, still ahead, vernon davis has a record number of reasons to be happy tonight. roger federer, on the other hand, note timt seheup t uat .sa big. te upseimat the u open next. people! look at you! texting...blogging... all this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims! it's time for new school banking, bubbie. interest plus savings at capitalone.com. why earn bupkis, when your savings can earn three times the national average!! three times the national average!!! new school banking at capital one bank. with interest plus savings, go to capitalone.com!!!!! what's in your wallet? somebody help me down. but deadly on fleas. so ask your an r e, the flea specialist, for effective, but gentle flea control. >>> the nfl has a new record deal for vernon davis. they signed him to a five-year extension worth $37 million with $23 million guaranteed. and venus williams bounced in the semiconductors. today it was roger fedder. stunned by his opponent at flushing meadows. nadal is in the final. >> there you have it. >> thank you. thanks for joining us for the bay area at 1
night football, the 49ers, we keep hearing they should have drafted aaron rodgers, too late, rogers to gennings. 360 yards for rogers. look at hester. the acres, 17 penalties. the bears win 20-17. chicago 3-0, green bay 2-1. stanford football on fire. you see them at the number 9 position. this week they play oregon. they are the king of football this [ son ] my parents have always lived in the states. until two years ago, when my dad transferred to istanbul. they settled in quickly. found their local deli. a few shortcuts. and a neighborhood hangout. but there's one thing they miss. their beloved hometown team. so i asked citi -- how many thankyou points it would take to give them something special. their old seats, 5 and 6, row c. [ male announcer ] citi thankyou points can be used for almost anything you choose. what's your story? citi can help you write it. ererercu momt haenedhen i rkeda careal bad "mievaknig fes. any peantsp for almost anything you choose. rns t meury t on savd meile cly mon, butheylso ver diev mobdama. ey g my r fid ino time ll 8-4-mcuryr vit meuryiuran.co
.s. open. roger federer is on to the 16. that's all the time we have for tonight's show. thanks for letting us be a part of your weekend. a big thanks to heather schwartz. we hope to see you back same time, same place tomorrow night. good night, everybody. [ music ] this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail,
laterering with remember grandpa hogett who recently passed away. >>> roger federer cruises at the open. the last redskins preseason game. last chance for the young fellows to impression. plus last night in miami, it was a . >>> the coast guard now says there are no immediate signs of another oil spill in the gulf coast after a shallow water oil rig exploded. about 200 miles west of the bp disaster site this morning, there were initial reports of an oil sheen spreading. but folks near it haven't seen anything. the workers on the rig have been rescued. it is owned by mariner energy. >>> israeli and palestinian leaders again were making an effort to reach a peace agreement today. it's been nearly two years since israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas met face to face for peace talks. secretary of state hillary rodham clinton said the u.s. takes an active role in the process but will not impose a solution. the two visiting leaders acknowledge that reaching a deal will not be easy. >> a lasting peace will be achieved only with mutual and painful co
packers still un ten. aaron rogers hooks up with greg jennings a beautiful pass. beautiful 32-yard td. green bay is up 27-10. we move two minutes left in this game eagles down 7 with the 4th and one. vick is tough. the packers defense hold him and hold on to the win. green bay's first win in philly since 1962. >> i was proud of the way the guys finished. you know, it ended upcoming right down to that last drive. you know, doggone, one yard and they were still moving that thing and putting it in and playing some overtime. >> ultimately i believe in myself and i believe in the players around me. you know, everybody's ability. so you know, i trust the system. and i just knew we had to keep fighting. and that was the most important thing. >>> fireman justin tuck and the giants host the panthers. in the first regular season game at the new meadowlands stadium. first quarter the d man down 3- 0. manning a pump fake and he launches it. and he hauls in the 26 pass. giants up 7-3. under a minute to play in the half new york down 9-7 manning again hooks up with nick. a 19-yard score. the g-men
with feingold. remember the wizard of progressive thought? founding member of crime inc., joel rogers hails in that's his campus. it sounds like progressive heaven. the lead? a lead feel-good story on every network. look at the kids. they love obama and the numbers are back. by the way, joel rogers started the new party which later split to the working party family. which is endorsing the one nation working together rally. but who is funding it? who is funding this? i remember being asked that over and over again for months who funds 8-28. the people did. well, who is funding it? who is behind the message of the rally. are you ready? this is worth the wait. who else? the tides foundation. the tides. what's possible? they also fund joel rogers apollo alliance, progress on the center in wisconsin strat skri. and the rally's message is courtesy of fedra ellens lampkin, ceo of green for all, the group van jones cofounded. she sits on the board of emerald city, collaborative, the group that the wizard joel rogers created to push union. it's a cozy, nicely connected group here, isn't it? it reall
over roger federer is one of the last two men standing. but will it be rah female nadal jumping for joy by completing a career grand slam? a new name about to be engraved on this precious sterling silver prize. we're live from the usta billie jean king center, cbs proudly presents the men's championship of the united states open. world number three rah female nadal. against number three djokovic. welcome to our third annual magnificent men's monday. i'm joined by mary carillo and john mcenroe. they've proved abunt antly -- abund antly patient, these two, not only with me but with mother nature. here we go. >> before the -- john: before the tournament, i picked nadal but i believe this extra day will enhance the quality of the match, giving djokovic a day to recover. to see nadal in this position is astounding. he had a stomach problem, then the knee went bad. we assume this is going to happen. he recovers and wins the french open for the fifth time. this is not the first time he won wimbledon, that's the second time. he's proven himself there but here, what he's done, he pulled a rabbit
real name. >> i'm not sure that we knew all of that at the time or it was disclosed to us. >> rogers' home is but eight blocks away from where he was found today. >> then the murder of larry rogers, a retarded youth. this witness testified she saw rogers slumped over in a stationwagon as wayne williams drove away. but another person also saw rogers in that stationwagon at that same intersection that day. he helped a police artist draw this sketch. it does not look like wayne williams. however, the defense never called the other witness to ask about the sketch. >> no. i don't even remember seeing that. >> supporters of wayne williams say there was one murder which shows the fiber evidence could be faulty. the death of 12-year-old clifford jones, left by a dumpster in an alley on a summer night in 1980. some of those unusual green carpet fibers were on his body. yet, another boy said he saw a coin laundry operator kill clifford jones. detective welcome harris said the boy was not believable. >> he exaggerated stuff. he could -- in other words, he was open to suggestions. and if you sai
at various other cpmc-owned sites and leases parking spaces from neighborhood of the rogers, it has an impact in all the neighborhood with these facilities -- neighborhood garages. we have impact on the laurel hills shopping center because currently, there are not enough parking spaces at cpmc garages and nearby lots. the spills over into the jordan park area as well as the laurel heights neighborhoods. then, you have the 16th and de rigueur raj -- and geary garage. when they take those parking spaces, nobody can shop, and this hurts the merchants. residents around the area are circling as far out as 21st avenue, as far north as -- as far south as fulton and as far north as lake. why are the residents in the richmond having to suffer parking and congestion issues for a hospital that cannot meet parking demand? the idea of taking away residential parking zones will hit even harder on the richmond residents with people parking all day in so-called free zones. other issues involved ceqa violations, said the general plan violations, general street plan violations, and one thing i really would lik
morse empalmo un aron jonron, conecto un doble y remolco tres carreras, mientras que roger bernadina y danny espinosa aÑadieron sendos cuadrangulares para que ross detwiler consiguiera su primer triunfo en casi un aÑo, en el duelo que los nacionales de washington ganaron hoy 7-2 a los astros de houston. fue el tercer triunfo consecutivo de washington y la primera vez que los nacionales ganan tres encuentros en fila en casa desde el periodo comprendido entre el 29 y el 31 de julio. mientras que antes del incio del partido, el presidente de los nacionales, stan kasten, anuncio su renuncia despues de cuatro temporadas y media con el club. dijo que habia informado a los dueÑos del equipo hace casi un aÑo que se marcharia. mientras que los orioles tienen fecha libre. bueno yo vuelvomas de concacaf y la copa sudamericana entre otras noticias. correos del pais... el senador tom carper se resent prque ele la entrega de correos sabados, que cierre miles de oficinas de correos y abra nuevas en supermercados... la medida tambien buscaria extender beneficios de salud a trabajadores jubilados
yards for the touchdown. bears up 14-10. later in the fourth, the packers respond. aaron rogers. dives for the pylon. he's in. touchdown, packers up 17-14. under 2:30 to go. packers' ball at their own 38. driving, rogers to james jones. but it -- coughs up the football. recovered by chicago's tim jennings. brian urlacher forces the fumble. bears' ball. ensuing drive, eight seconds to go. robbie gould, attempting the 19-yard field goal. it is up. it is good. the bears win 20-17. they're 3-0, for the first time since 2006. >>> phillies and nationals. philadelphia, looking to clinch the n.l. east. top of the second. jayson werth, the bomb off john lannan. werth's 26th of the year. phillies up 1-0. more than enough for roy halladay. ins the second gets roger bernadina swinging. then, in the ninth inning, halladay still in there. he gets danny espinoza. halladay with a complete game shutout. the phillies win 8-0, to clinch the n.l. east division title for the fourth-straight year. >>> that's a look at sports this morning. i'm ducis rodgers. back to you in new york. >>> from politician to pr
to push roger around, which is not the case at the moment. obviously, throughout this tounchment, nadal has looked healthier than he's ever been here. dick: who does push nadal around? john: big, big hitters. he could push him around if he amps it up energy wise and starts to, you know, dig in find some more will here. dick: juan martin dell fmbing otro the champion d del fotro, the champion a year ago, untable defend his crown with a wrist injury. he should be back. mary: i watched juan martin take out nadal last year just by standing up to him, hitting huge forehands and two-handed backhands. afterwards, nadal was asked about the loss and he said, it was an amazing disaster. john: if he thought that was bad, it was even worse at the open last year. it's impressive to see him in this position right now, able to complete the career slam, despite those setbacks. shows his heart. john: djokovic has got to make him play pais when he gives him the offspeed look and that's what he did early in this point. right there. he stepped in, a couple of shots before it, got him in trouble. that makes
highlights from roger federer that trumps that won easily. >> you want to stick around for that. but now, tim brant. >> stephen strasburg will have surgery on his right elbow. the surgery will be in los angeles. recuperation will be 12-18 months. chances of a full recovery are listed as 80% to 92%. jordan zimmerman through nine strikeouts, gave up one. in the bottom of the tents, a single to left field. here comes dadullah. the slide, the tag, the marlins wheaton, 1-0,. the redskins played the cowboys a week from sunday at fedex field. the main concern, donovan mcnabb, ankle, but responding to treatment. he should be able to practice next week in preparation for the dallas coppola's, which means he will play. have a great day, everybody. >>> 74 degrees on this wednesday morning. the news continues at 5:30. >> still ahead in the next half- hour, a controversial plan to keep children from loitering in chinatown. >> we are live in the weather center on this wednesday, tracking category three >>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> people are still getting ready fo
an accident on route 40 at rogers avenue. police are just getting on the scene. there is the report of an accident in towson and another in baltimore. in carroll county, there is a cow in the road, so watch out for that. there is to report francis scott key highway. this is the northwest corner of the beltway at old court road. you can see the fog out there. traffic is moving ok. this is the key bridge on the east side. there are some fog warnings on the bridges in the area. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now over to john. >> thought is an issue. -- fog is in issue. queen anne county and kent county schools are delayed 90 minutes because of the fog. temperatures are route 7 with fog this morning. it will be hot and of the schubert side -- temperatures are in the 70's. we will have more on the forecast coming up in just a minute. >> good morning, everybody. the countdown continues to sunday's home opener for the ravens. they play the cleveland browns. nothing in the nfl cannot turn a game around quicker than turnovers. joe flacco and the offense leads the league in turnovers
in florida is hearing a legal challenge to health care reform. >> judge clyde roger vincent is a ronald reagan appointee. judge clyde roger vincent is an avid hunter, amateur taxidermist. do you know what a taxidermist is? that's right. for our liberal caller today, this is not good news. after a 2002 hunting trip during which he killed three brown bears, judge clyde roger vincent had their heads mounted over the door, through which defendants have to pass to enter his courtroom. at the time, judge vincent said the sight of the severed bear heads would instill a fear of god into the accused. >> except none of that's true. judge vincent tells "the new york times" that he doesn't hunt that much, certainly never for bear and his favorite hobby is horticulture. he's president of the american camellia society. where did limbaugh get the wrong info? he claims he got it from the pensacola newspaper on june 31st. there is no june 31st. the fake article was listed on judge vincent's page on wikipedia, which would be stupid. except last year when limbaugh was misquoted last year, he said, everybo
will wait and see. kerry sanders, thank you. >>> i want to talk now to nbc terrorism analyst roger. a big debate is brewing by the comments made by hillary clinton ray ordierno was on "today" show they. they feed off of hate and fear and they will use this to generate more hate. what is your take on this? >> i think that is right. chris, the real tragedy is this ignorant fool has been given his 15 minutes of fame. he has already achieved his objective. >> should people like general petraeus not have waded into this, roger? i think for a lot of news organizations and a lot of news programs like this one we ignored it until people as big as the commander in afghanistan and the secretary of state get involved in it. >> so, this is where the balance is. because i think general petraeus said the right thing because he's dealing with real world violence in afghanistan and he has an obligation to make clear to the afghan people what his view is on this. the problem is, of course, you have this guy here who is truly irrelevant and if he does go forward with this burning, it will have an effect. i
, though. >> and roger, some of the information we were reporting yesterday was that one of the plots may have been a mumbai style attack where they weren't using suicide bombers, but they wanted to use a lot of ammunition, a lot of fire power, going in and taking out lives. what does that tell you about the way the terrorists are perhaps planning to operate? >> so, we just talked about faisal shahzad and the very sophisticated explosive device that failed to detonate. you look at the mumbai attack, a group of guys with ak-47s killed over 160 people. that lesson is not lost. this is one that u.s. intelligence is very worried about as well as european intelligence right now. >> roger cressey, president of good harbor consulting, thank you, roger. >> you bet, tamron. >>> the chilean miners trapped under ground could be out as early as october 12th. their families celebrated when they got the news yesterday. meanwhile, we're also learning 27 of the families are suing the ch chilean government and the company that owns the mine. kerry, what's the update? >> reporter: well, they're suing the f
. for locations see drscholls.com >>> a teenager in rogers park is home tonight after being beaten and choked last night. all for an ipod and cash. dan ponce is live with that story. >> reporter: he was hospitalized for about 24 hours. what makes this more disturbing is it happened down the street from the rogers park elementary school and down the street from a chicago police surveillance camera. 16-year-old thomas insley gets home from school the same way every day. he walks along ashland avenue to his home in rogers park. he takes ashland and park because of an eye in the sky camera that helps keep watch over the neighborhood. last night before 6:00, a group of thugs jumped him from behind. they beat him in the face and choked him until he was unconscious. it all happened right down the street from the police camera. >> i like that he always took that route because i thought it was safer with the camera. when i asked him about it he said it didn't matter. >> reporter: his father is disappointed the camera failed to stop the attackers and hopes police s
. >>> with apologies to her man melville's description of the sinking in "moby dick" a sullen white rogers ails beat against the steep sides and all collapsed and the great shroud of the sea of propaganda rolled on as it rolled 5,000 years ago. and i only am escaped alone to tell the. hours after carving up christine o'donnell karl rove has endorsed christine o'donnell. nothing to see here, republicans. karl rove didn't just dissolve into putty before the masters of the universe. move along, please. washington post reported today mike castle won't endorse her citing his opponent's personal smears during the campaign, likely a reference to the homophobic comments. sarah palin's advice was to speak through fox nose. soon thereafter she was. >> christine, thanks for being on the program. >> thank you very much. thank you to you and all of your viewers for helping make this happen. >> hannady later playing a portion of the speech by rove asked him to respond with charges. o'donnell punted. >> we answered them on the website under christine counters with the boxing gloves. i hope that maybe it's just the
the an roger federer breezes into the third round of the u.s. open this afternoon. he had 15 aces. beck was ranked 104th in the world. the united states beat tunisian by 35 points at the world championships. this was a mismatch from the get go. the united states just kind of let the emotions and walked to the game. finally, the search for an athletic director at the university of maryland has now become a little bit more clear. both are finalist at the university of maryland. >> when will we get a name? >> i think it will be a while yet. maybe another couple of weeks. south of laredo, there's a place... gotta cross an ocean of scorpion-covered earth. so hot, rattlesnakes... combust, spontaneously. we're drawn like moths to a flaming jalapeÑo. but, you gotta eat bold, know what i'm sayin. [ male announcer ] subway has turned up the heat! introducing subway fiery footlong subs. the hot new turkey jalapeño melt and bold-acious buffalo chicken. eat bold! [ biker ] subway fiery footlong subs, burn the wimp right outta ya. >> we are keeping an eye on hurricane earl. >> i am feeling better a
and ellicott city and route 40 and rommers avenue. not far -- rogers avenue not far from the courthouse. back to you. >>> 6:30 now the president made extreme allegations yesterday at the u.s. so extreme that it caused the u.s. delegation to walk out. and we have more on how it will affect america's relationship with the country. >> reporter: the president's speech at the general assembly advocated peace in the middle east f an agreement is not reached palestinians will not know their own state. they will not know the certainty. >> and working toward piece with iran. he said the door is open should iran choose to walk through it. but it seemed more likely to close after the president took the floor. he said that americans were behind the september 11th terrorist attacks to help the economy and to save the regime of israel. but at that point the delegation got up and walked out, along with 27 others. the president found remarks offensive made so close to the site where the world trade centre once stood a thought the president mentioned in his own address. >> nine years ago the destruction of t
. obviously there were some mistakes. there were a lot of positive plays. >> carlos rogers is once again in the position of defending his ability to catch a football. the second half of the game, he dropped that short intersection. he was in perfect position. he had to jump high, but he did not make the interception. >> i had to jump. there was a duck. some people understand. other people don't understand how balls are. i am pretty sure i will get another chance this weekend. >> ok. the 2-0 terrapins will take on #20 west virginia, mountaineers. they know how tough it is to play there. >> it will get you fired up and motivated. it is going to be a good challenge for us to go on the road for the first time. we have not won a road game. it should be good for us. >>> the nationals game -- bryce harper suited up for the first time today as a national minor league player. he is down south playing for the gnats in the florida instructional league. he has been looking forward to the opportunity. >> i want to exceed expectations for myself. it is about what i think and what i want to do. if i th
of rutgers university this morning, thanks. >>> we'll shift gears to those terror threats in europe. roger caressy is an nbc news analyst. roger, this sounds, from the news reports like one of those occasions where, to borrow a phrase, the system is blinking red. how can we determine how serious this chatter is? how seriously are officials taking it? >> well, this one is serious, savannah, for two reasons. one, because it's a credible threat emanating from pakistan. and two, because it has the hallmarks of an al qaeda central inspired plot. this has been goinging on now for several months. u.s. and western european officials have been on it since the summer. it's unclear as to what stage the plot may be at right now. some people say it's not that imminent. others say individuals have already started to go into europe. we don't really know, but it's very serious. and it is very credible. >> you know, roger, what a lot of folks are talking about that this intelligence was gotten, thanks to some captures in afghanistan. what can you tell us about that? >> well, chuck, this one individual, ahm
that he was fined $7,500 for this kit. roger goodell has reduced the suspension that been raucous burger will have to serve. he was informed he only has to serve a four weeks' suspension -- roethlisberger has to sit out the first month for violating policy. he will have to sit out the first game in pittsburgh. dennis dixon will start at quarterback. orioles manager buck showalter wants to see as much of the teams it young talent as possible in the last month of the season. chris tillman will start against tampa bay. nationals outfielder nyjer war and was suspended for eight games for this incident, charging the mound -- nyjer morgan. the florida picture also faces a six-game suspension. that is a big leak take down. the forecast is straight ahead. >> earl has come and gone and is now turning to the north. we will show you what it did at ocean city. a preview of the sold-out justin bieber concert slated for sunday night at the maryland state >> earl is moving off the coast. we are also getting reports tonight on the other side of the world a major earthquake down in new zealand at christ
chance of rain. >>> hello, anna. it's aaron rogers. >> and darren harris of the green bay packers. >> we hear you have a wish. >> and we're here to make it come true. >> that young girl got the surprise of a lifetime. at 13, anna schmidt has been through numerous strokes, brain surgery and a heart transplant. now, she's well on the road to recovery. and a along the way, a couple green bay packers stepped up to make her dream come true. good morning, america. i'm ashleigh banfield, in for bianna golodryga. >> i'm dan harris. it is saturday, september 25th. >>> also coming up this morning, ashleigh, you care about this because you have two, young children. our story is about toddlers with potty mouths. you may have heard about it and stung by it. otherwise, cherubic tots dropping the f-bomb. authorities say kids are using bad language earlier than ever before. >>> we're going to begin with serious news about lindsay lohan. i said serious news about lindsay lohan. she is a free woman once again. she had been sent back to jail by a california judge yesterday. you didn't miss it if you blinke
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